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Human Capital Talent – Psychometric Testing

Human Capital Talent offers integrative and holistic psychometric assessments by a qualified psychometrist through the use of innovative and client-specific solutions.


We specialise in talent development.

Human Capital Talent specializes in talent development and psychometric testing. Our team has a strong focus on psychometric evaluations and aptitude tests to objectively identify potential pitfalls that can cause employees not to perform at work. We provide you with an unbiased and objective selection of assessments and instruments that are well suited to the South African market. Our psychometric services provide useful and relevant data to assist organisations in optimising their teams’ performance.

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Psychometric evaluations are one of the most accurate predictors of an employee’s future job performance.

Use psychometric test data collated by a qualified psychometrist to assemble and optimise  your team.

Different assessments are available:

  • Ability assessments
  • Personality assessments
  • Interest assessments
  • Development Assessments
  • Emotional and Social capabilities
  • Employability, employee dependability and integrity
  • Leadership assessments
  • Competency assessments
  • Conflict management and team building
  • Other psychometric tests

Consulting services

Human Capital Talent consist of professionals who can provide psychometric assessment – and facilitation services. The assessments can provide information about selecting the most suitable candidates, the likelihood of job success and to determine candidates who show potential for succession planning and/or development.

Psychometric Assessments

It is important to match the requirements of the position with the personality, knowledge and skills of the individual. Not only should the ideal candidate match the requirements of the position, but the candidate should be able to flourish in the position. A registered industrial psychologist is able to match candidates to the right position.

Optimise Team Performance

Assessments can add significant value to ensure that employees are empowered to develop as star performers, to understand different types of temperaments and to become more competent and effective. Coaching, mentoring, psychometric tests and workshop interventions or teambuilding by a qualified psychometrist can add value.


Comprehensive Assessments

Human Capital Talent offers integrative and holistic psychometric assessment services through a qualified psychometrist. We provide innovative and client-specific solutions.

Being accredited in all the best psychometric assessments, Human Capital Talent offers selection and development assessments to suite all our client’s needs. We customize each assessment battery according to our clients’ culture, values and job specific outcomes.

Our consulting services extend much further than psychometric assessments, we also specialize in team building, organizational surveys and interventions. We would like you to browse through our website for more information.

What Our Clients Say

Client Reviews

“We are satisfied with the services rendered by Human Capital Talent as well as with their reasonable tariffs. They have always completed their projects in a timeous and specialized manner. Human Capital talent assisted with competency- and leadership assessments of our leadership team and provided individual feedback.”

Kobie Venter - HISP

“Human Capital Talent works in an effective, professional, and organized manner. Their assessments provide consistent results that are fair and free from bias. They have been responsible for the delivery of psychometric testing, competency assessments and employee counselling for more than 8 years.”

Emmie Pietersen - Peritum Agri Institute

“Human Capital Talent has delivered services to OVK (Pty) Ltd. since 2012. Their knowledge, competencies and attention to detail have aided our company with effective selection and assessment processes ”

Dennis van Vreden

Experience exponential Growth

Optimise Your Team’s Performance

All teams are evaluated on their ability to produce results over time. Human Capital Talent can assist with measuring interpersonal styles, conflict management and change readiness.