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Human Capital Talent offers a vast array of psychometric tests which can be completed online. We do thorough research to ensure that we present you with the best quality and value.

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Susan Fourie is the Managing Director of Human Capital Talent. She is a registered Industrial Psychologist. Her interpersonal, communication and training abilities are evident in the positions she has held across various industries. This has afforded her the opportunity to interact with a broad section of executive management, employees, clients and students.

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Human Capital Talent uses various diagnostic tools to provide appropriate solutions for engaging employees to optimize their performance. We focus on employee well-being and people risk management.t.

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Human Capital Talent specializes in selection- and development assessments. Our team has a strong focus on psychometric assessments to objectively identify potential pitfalls that can cause employees not to perform at work. We provide you with an unbiased and objective selection of assessments and instruments that are well suited to the South African market.

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