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Psychometric Tests

Our team has a strong focus on psychometric assessments to objectively identify potential pitfalls that might prevent employees to perform optimally at work.

Psychological Tests

Psychometric tests are used in a standard and scientific manner to measure individuals’ mental capabilities and behavioural styles. Psychometric tests are designed in such a way to measure candidates’ suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude or cognitive abilities.


Prospect Screener

Screening of candidates for further testing. Prospect Screener Sample Report

Personality Assessment

16 Personality Factor (PF) Interpretive Report

The report measures a set of traits that describe and predict a person’s behaviour in a variety of contexts. Sample Report 16PF Interpretive Report

16 PF Management Potential Report

The report focuses on personality issues related to management selection and development. 16PF Management Potential Report

16PF Profile & Manager Feedback Report

Enable a good prediction of how people will behave in a variety of situations. 16PF Profile and Manager Feedback Report

16PF Candidate Feedback Report

Narrative feedback report to candidate. Sample Report 16pf Candidate Feedback Report

16PF Competency

A candidate’s likely performance and potential is predicted on a range of competencies.  Sample Report 16pf Competency Report

WAVE Focus Styles: Line Manager Report

This report is based upon the Styles assessment, which explores an individual’s motives, preferences, needs and talents in critical work areas. Jo Wilson, Focus Styles Line Manager Report V4

WAVE Focus Styles: Personal Report

This report provides an individual with summary feedback about their motives, preferences, needs and talents in a number of work relevant areas. Jo Wilson, Focus Styles Personal Report V4

WAVE Focus Styles: Summary Development Report

The report outlines what actions could be considered to improve performance at work. Jo Wilson, Focus Styles Premium Development Report V4

Talent Match Report (Development)

This report provides a summary of the competency potential for a candidate when compared to the role. Example Standard Development TMR

Work Personality Index (WPI) Select Report

The report describes key features of a personal style that influence the candidate’s approach to tasks, ways of interacting with people and performance at work. WPI 2 Select Report sample

WPI Development Report

The report measures traits that provide a comprehensive overview of your work personality which can be used as a tool for professional development.  WPI 2 JVR Development Sample

WPI Leadership Report

The report describes key features of the personality style to help clarify the role of the leader and maximize the impact. WPI 2 JVR Leadership Sample

WPI Job Portal

As a subject matter expert you will be asked to complete a survey about the specified position and what is required for successful performance of the tasks involved. This information will be used by the WPI Job Match System to create a job profile that will guide future personnel selection for the position.

WPI Job Match Report

The WPI Job Match Report compares a candidate’s behavioural traits with those your organization has identified as necessary for successful job performance. WPI 2 Job Match Sample


Occupational Personality Profile (OPPro)

The OPPro is designed to provide a more objective assessment of personality than is normally possible from a typical interview. OPPro Feedback report

Occupational Interest Profile (OIP)

The report includes personality characteristics, which assesses how well-suited individuals are to different environments. OIP Extened Sample report

15 Personality Factor Emotional Intelligence Report

This report describes an individual’s Emotional Intelligence, in terms of the conceptual framework. 15FQplus Emotional Intelligence report

Basic Trait Inventory (BTI): Individual Reports

The BTI is a South African-developed personality inventory that measures differences in personality traits. It is based on the Big Five factors of personality. BTI Individual Profile

Basic Trait Inventory (BTI): Competency Reports

The Basic Traits Inventory (BTI) Competency Report is designed to provide competency scores derived from the BTI personality scales. Competencies are specific behaviours, knowledge and attributes that an individual must demonstrate in order to function effectively in each job or role. BTI Competency Report

Behavioural, Emotional and Cultural Intelligence (BECi)

The report provides detailed information about various attributes and competencies that gives context to the personality and behavioural make-up of an individual. BECI Report

Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT)

The MSCEIT is a performance test of emotional intelligence. A performance test provides an estimate of a person’s ability by having them solve problems. MSCEIT Personal Summary Report

Managerial Competencies

Cut-e Shapes: Work-related Behaviour

The report outlines a candidate’s strengths and development needs. The aim of the report is to give the candidate ideas for his professional and personal development. Selma_Sample_shapes_(management)_-_participant_report

Cut-e Views: Measuring values

This report indicates your personal values, professional interests and motives. It is described under which circumstances and in which professional context you can use and develop your maximum potential. Selma_Sample_views_-_participant_report

Career Counselling

Maree Career Matrix (MCM)

The MCM divides the world of work into 19 career categories. In completing the questionnaire, you were asked to rate your interests (career preferences) and your confidence or ability to succeed in certain careers. Maree Career Matrix Report

Career Values Scale (CVS)

The CVS describes key features of your personal value system as it applies to careers and work. The Career Values Map is designed to provide you with information and advice that is useful for exploring career and work life. Career Values Scale Report

MBTI Profile Report

This assessment identifies which of 16 different personality types best describes you. MBTI Step I Profile Sample Report

MBTI Interpretive Report

The report is an in-depth, personalized description of your personality preferences derived from your answers to the MBTI assessment. MBTI Step II Interpretive Sample Report

MBTI Interpretive Report

Based on your individual responses, the MBTI instrument produces results to identify which of sixteen different personality types best describes the individual. MBTI Interpretive Form M

MBTI Interpretive Report Conflict Style Report

The report describes how an individual is likely to approach and deal with conflict situations. MBTI Step I Conflict Style Sample Report

MBTI Interpretive Report for Organisations

The report is designed to help the candidate understand his results on the MBTI assessment and how you can use them to optimize success at work. Form M Step I Interpretive Report for Organizations

MBTI Stress Management Report

The report describes how an individual is likely to experience and react to stress. It also suggests ways you can manage stress successfully. MBTI Step I Stress Management Sample Report

MBTI Comparison Work Styles Report

The purpose of this report is to improve candidates’ working relationships. The report compares the personality results of two colleagues. Form M Step I Comparison_Work Styles Report

Aptitude Assessments

Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI)

The HBRI evaluates peoples’ ability to solve different business-related problems, and these solutions then drive decision making. The HBRI evaluates Strategic -, Tactical – and Critical Reasoning. HBRI Interpretive Sample

Hogan Matrigma

The Matrigma is a non-verbal General Mental Ability (GMA) test that provides a measure of an individual’s GMA level in relation to others. Matrigma Interpretive Report

Customer Service AP Profile Report

Recommendations based on the Customer Service AP test profile, are designed to help you improve or enhance your motivation and achieve your goals in customer service roles and activities. Customer Service Aptitude sample Profile Report


Verbal Abilities. Verbatim Feedback Report


Numerical Abilities. Numeratum Feedback Report

Clerical Test Battery (CTB)

The CTB assesses your capacity (a composite of speed and accuracy) to perceive logical patterns and relationships in new material you have not previously encountered and deduce the logical consequences of these (i.e. logical deductive reasoning). CTB Feedback report

Mechanical Skills Test

The Mechanical Reasoning Test measures the understanding of the basic physics principles and mechanics, as well as the ability to visualise the movement of objects and the cause-effect relationships between mechanical components.  Mechanical Skills Test

Matrices of Intellectual Reasoning Assessment (MIRA)

The MIRA measures observation skills, thinking ability, intellectual capacity and efficiency. It also measures one’s ability to formulate new concepts, extract meaning out of ambiguity and to think clearly about complex situations and events. MIRA

Swift Comprehension Aptitude

Verbal-, Numerical comprehension and Error Checking. Sample Candidate, Swift Comprehension Aptitude & Pace (Rx) Report

Swift Apprentice Aptitude

Verbal, Numerical, Error Checking, Spatial, Mechanical and Diagrammatic Testing. Sample Candidate, Swift Apprentice Aptitude & Pace Report

Swift Technical Aptitude

Spatial-, Mechanical- and Diagrammatic Reasoning. Sample Candidate, Swift Technical Aptitude & Pace Report

Integrity and work safety

WRISc Interpretive report candidate

The report highlights an individual’s standing on salient attitudes and behaviours that are associated with counterproductive work behaviour (CWB) and criminal tendencies. WRISc Interpretive Report Candidate

Sources of Work Stress Inventory (SWSI)

The SWSI provides you with a measure of occupational stress that not only determines your general level of stress, but also identifies possible key sources of stress. SWSI Individual Profile Report

Consulting Services

Saville Work Strengths Environmental Fit and Interview Guide
360 Degree Appraisal Manager

The report provides the individual with feedback on the behaviours that others see at work. The purpose of the feedback is to help the individual to confirm his/her strengths, as well as identify, accept and work on the most pressing development needs. Psychometrics 360 Sample Report

Diversity Questionnaire / Game

Managing diversity means acknowledging people’s differences and recognizing these differences as valuable; it enhances good management practices by preventing discrimination and promoting inclusiveness.

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument

The questionnaire assesses an individual’s behaviour in conflict situations—that is, situations in which the concerns of two people appear to be incompatible. TKI Profile and Interpretive Sample Report


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